Kau ada dikala ku suka

Dikala ku duka

Setiap tangisan dan juga ketawa

Kau ada dikala ku perlu

Setia menemaniku

Di atas sejadah cintaku

Kau lah yang selalu

Selalu menemaniku

Mendengar kisah pahit manis hidup ku

Kau lah yang Satu

Setia mendengarku

Kau lah yang Satu

Menjadi kekasihKu

Ya Allah


The beautiful promise

“Kita tinggalkan yang haram, Allah janjikan yang halal”

-Pesan Baginda Rasulullah s.a.w. ♥


SubhanAllah :’)

Berapa sayangnya Allah kepada kita. 

Hati ini ingin sangat berjumpa dengan yang Esa dan Baginda yang dicintai.


Ya Allah, guide me. Guide me in this. I seek your guidance to make it ease. 

Aamiin Ya Rahman.


Allah knows

For all the times you curved a smile

And tears of joy that feels worthwhile

Look up and smile because Allah knows

In the face of hardship

And you feel despair

In mind you should keep

Allah listens and He is certainly there

As you swing through sadness or feeling depressed

And calmness seem unseen

He will come knocking with the blessed

Say Alhamdulillahi rabbil alameen.

You go through hardships, challenges and obstacles

In mind and heart you should keep which there is no doubt

Indeed, Allah knows and Allah listens.

Ungrateful slave

Today Allah open my eyes wide

In seeing the things I was ungrateful for the day before

I was blind enough to push them aside

In making count the words I say when I said “Allah removes something good for something better”

Was my tawakkal there?

Did I meant what I said?

As Allah proved to me His Mercy through today

SubhanAllah :’)


For You know what I do not know, dear Allah s.w.t. Thus, forgive me for making quick judgement and assumptions

I reflect and I regret

I feel ashamed

For being an ungrateful slave after all He has done for me

After all He has guided me

After all He has blessed me with

Dear Allah,

As I experienced through everyday experiences You put me in, little did I know those were little priceless valuable gifts and miracles from You. You placed me in every situation for the betterment of self. Forgive me for my ignorance. Forgive me for not thanking You enough. For I am truly blessed by uncountable blessings You have gave. Please constantly keep me close to You. All praises to You for making every single event that happens, will happen or have happened for a reason. To build and develop me into a wiser and stronger person for You. For Rasulullah saw and his (saw) ummah. With the strength that you have blessed me with, allow me to go through everyday with strong faith and wisdom. InshaaAllah.

Thank you Allah for everything.


TAQWA: Fearing Allah

“Taqwa can be compared to walking through a narrow path with thorny bushes on both sides and a person passing through it tries his level best to save his clothes from being torn. The thorns are the sins and the clothes is one’s Eeman”